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Attempting to define community.

Written by Josh Collins. Posted in Misc

I remember when I was in the sixth grade, listening to Pastor Doak Taylor, teach about being “balcony friends,” to one another.  It was wednesday night, and the room was packed with middle school and high schoolers.  I remember looking up behind me and slightly to left, imagining who that person was and how they would be smiling down at me.  

For a very long season that person was Adam Watson.  He was my best friend too.  Adam, myself, and several other guys quickly became thick as thieves, formed a band, and did all sorts of great stuff with one another.  

We held onto that circle for as long as we possibly could, but naturally of course, life eventually takes us all on our own unique journeys and each one of ours began to slowly go in different directions once we left for college.

What I know now, and didn’t know then is that we had community.


That’s right, that mystical word, that everyone wants, but no one quite knows how to get.  

Oh there are literally hundreds of books about it, and upon a quick google search, roughly 4 BILLION results on the subject.

But with such a wealth of information available, and so many resources out there, why do you think our thirst for it isn’t quenched?

Let’s put a pin in that one, and move on for time sake.

I admit, I may not be able to give a webster’s class definition of what community is, but let me tell you another story about what it looks like.

Recently, I was working on a production team, in Columbus, OH, for a cheerleading and dance competition.  It was one of the hardest and most difficult events I’ve ever worked in the past 15 years, but thats beside the point.  

The beauty lies in what I witnessed on one of those stages.

Saturday afternoon, I was running lights, and I just so happened to lock onto this cute, small-framed girl, no bigger than, Molly, my 8 year old.  Suddenly, she was hoisted on top of a pyramid and then somehow as fast as she was lifted up, she immediately fell to the ground.

Well, like any true competitor, she kept on going trying her best to ignore the pain and trauma, and keep the tears at bay.

The point of the story and in my opinion one of the most beautiful, gospel centered things I have ever seen, happened next.  

While standing in the corner of the mat, waiting for her turn to perform her tumbles, a teammate and friend, came over, obviously aware of what happened, immediately embraced and began to shake and rub her arms from behind, lifting her spirits.  From my side of the stage, I could read her lips,

“Its going to be ok, you’re ok, its going to be ok.”

I’m not sorry to say, I lost it.  Even as I recall this now, and am typing this post, my eyes well up.  What a beautiful picture The Father gave me in that moment.  

Because He also says to each and every one of us,

“Its going to be ok, you’re ok, its going to be ok.  I love you!”

Thats community.

Thats what we are called to be for one another.

Thats the picture of what it looks like to be a balcony friend.

I’ve heard my pastor also describe this kind of relationship as a “3 am” friend.  Someone you can call at 3 am and they will actually answer the phone.

Do you have one of those friends?

Better yet ARE you one of those friends?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Leave me some comments below!

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  • http://www.eileenknowles.com Eileen

    Love this. And love the beautiful reminders He gives us of how much He love us!

    • http://www.thejoshcollins.com/ Josh Collins

      Thanks Eileen!

Posted on: February 28, 2013

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