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Giving Thanks Starts With A Choice

Written by Josh Collins. Posted in Community

One of the biggest reasons why I’m such a strong advocate for gospel-centered biblical community is because of the reminders they provide that we are not alone. Many times in the midst of the dark night of the soul, its relationship and community that give us hope, helping us find the perspective to be grateful even in the storm.

Giving Thanks Starts With A Choice

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Tomorrow, most of us will sit down with our friends, neighbors, family members, and even possibly a stranger or two and we’ll gather around a table for a meal. For some it will be a joyous occasion filled with laughter and light-hearted celebration. For others, it’ll be much harder.

But no matter where you fall in that continuum, giving thanks will always start with a choice.

I use a gratitude list to help me make that choice, especially when I find that it’s not as easy as I’d like it to be.

Here’s a list of some things I’m grateful for today.

  1. I’m grateful for the stewardship I’ve been entrusted with to be a father to 3 amazing little joy factories.
  2. I’m grateful for grace. Without it, I would not be alive.
  3. I’m grateful for laughter but also grateful for stillness and solitude.
  4. I’m grateful for 10 years of marriage and the man I’m becoming because of it.
  5. I’m grateful for redemption and that all things are BEING made new.
  6. I’m grateful for the gospel that tells me I’m could never be loved any more nor any less.
  7. I’m grateful for things like my daughter Molly’s smile when she comes home proud of a good grade.
  8. I’m grateful for my son Riley’s kind, tender heart, which constantly shows me The Father’s heart.
  9. I’m grateful for Jonas’ curly hair and hilarious laugh. What joy he brings to our family!
  10. I’m grateful for being able to sit and read by a fire.
  11. I’m grateful to be home with my family. There have been years where I’ve been on the road far more than I’ve been home.
  12. I’m grateful for God’s generous and abundant provision.
  13. I’m grateful for friends and community that constantly remind me of the gospel.
  14. I’m grateful for this season of thanksgiving that naturally turns my heart towards the things that matter most, like friends and family.
  15. I’m grateful that things like fame, power, prestige, and notoriety aren’t the currency of The Kingdom of God.

It’s amazing to see what happens in our hearts when we allow them to give thanks. The power of gratitude is an awesome thing.

Want to know how to dig yourself out of a dark hole, where nothing seems to going right, and there is little hope in sight?

Write a gratitude list.

Want to change how others experience you in relationship?

Begin to write gratitude lists.

Want to impact the outlook you have on life and others?

Sit down and write a gratitude list. 

It’s easier than you think and will carry more weight than you realize.

Question for you: What things are you grateful for today? How will you give thanks this holiday?

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Josh Collins

Josh Collins is a Communicator and Experience Architect who lives in Franklin, Tn. His passion is to create awesome experiences that change the way we engage audiences and help you do the same.
  • marthaorlando

    I love your gratitude list, Josh! Having a gratitude attitude is what, I believe, leads to us being both happy and content in all that God has given us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    • http://www.thejoshcollins.com/ Josh Collins

      Thanks Martha! I’m so glad you’re here!

Posted on: November 27, 2013

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