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Its YOUR Voice That Matters!

Written by Josh Collins. Posted in Experience

I don’t think I’m alone in today’s post, but let me throw it out there and see.

Have you ever read a great book, authored by someone you know, or by someone you have eventually gotten to know, only to discover that they probably didn’t actually write it themselves?

I mean, they obviously had something to do with the book, maybe even thought up the topic, or wrote the outline, but they certainly didn’t write the book. There’s just no way they did. They don’t sound like that, they don’t carry themselves like that, and their voice certainly doesn’t match the one in the book.

Do you know what I mean?

It’s not that there is anything wrong with that, ghost writers are used all the time. The only problem I see is that eventually, it usually falls flat and fails to connect. The perfect example of this is looking at all the books that have been supposedly written by pop culture icons and musicians. I won’t be more specific than that, because I’m really a nice guy!

You see, we will only truly connect with our audiences and create awesome experiences, when we use OUR voice!


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I’ve been reading Michael Hyatt’s book Platform, which is amazing by the way, and I highly recommend it, but a chapter recently stood out called ‘Create the Content Yourself.

In it Michael offers 3 points about why using our own voice matters.

  1. Its Personal.
  2. Its Authentic.
  3. Its Immediate.

He concludes by saying how there just aren’t any shortcuts. We can’t fake it. We’ll always be found out and we won’t fool anyone.

The reason why I love this so much is because it’s so true!

We live in an entitlement, all about the shortcut culture. How can we get something without all the necessary sacrifice? There are literally hundreds of businesses that pop up in every sector, claiming they can promise gain without pain, which of course never turns out to be true!

So of course using your own voice is key, but it presupposes that you’ve come to the realization that your voice is needed. And in case you’re still not there yet, let me encourage you!


Which leads me to one of the promises I can make to you, if you’re reading this. I have spent long enough, hiding and running from my voice, making agreements that say my voice didn’t matter, and didn’t have a place. Everything you read on this site will be my voice and come from my experiences. Unless of course it’s clearly communicated as a guest post from someone else.

So here’s a question for you:

How are you using your voice? What inspires you to speak into the world, sharing your voice?

Share your thoughts below I’d love to hear them!

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Josh Collins

Josh Collins is a Communicator and Experience Architect who lives in Franklin, Tn. His passion is to create awesome experiences that change the way we engage audiences and help you do the same.

Posted on: March 29, 2013

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