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Takeaways From Morocco

Written by Josh Collins. Posted in Experience

Wednesday, May 22nd, began just like every other day. I woke up at 5 am and began my usual morning routine when suddenly an urgent email came in, and to make a long story short, by 6 pm that evening I was on a flight to Morocco by way of London. I was being brought in on a large awards/fashion/music event in Marrakech, Morocco. And let me just say, it was awesome!

The whole event was a huge success and the challenge I was presented with was one I’ll never forget. Working with such a distinct and diverse people group presents all sorts of opportunities for growth and being the observant communicator I am, I wanted to present a few key takeaways from my experience with you all.

Photo Credit: marcp_dmoz via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: marcp_dmoz via Compfight cc

So here they are…

1. Moroccan Time.

I’m not talking about time zones here. I’m talking more about pace of life. You see I’ve worked all over the globe, so I’m keenly aware to the difference in the pace of things in different parts of the world, however, Moroccan time, is a whole different ball game. But what I kept thinking about was the insanity of trying to force my schedule, within reason, upon a culture and pace of life that simply didn’t need it. It’s no secret that here in America, we want everything now. Yesterday as a matter of fact. We have more fast food restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world and for a business to offer free overnight shipping has nearly become an expected bonus. So having to construct a massive stage over a pool, and integrate all the different facets of technology, branding, and mediums, in just a few days, with a slew of people speaking different languages, was quite a challenge.

The pace of life, can easily rob us of the beauty and sacrament of the moment. [tweet that if you like]

2. Haters are everywhere.

Jon Acuff has famously coined the phrase “Hater’s Math” and what surprised me was that even on the other side of the world, in Morocco, of all places, haters still exist. It was really challenging for me to reframe my experience in light of all the many congratulations and compliments from the organizers and fellow producers for a job well done, when all I could think about was that one hater. That one individual who seemed to just want to make everyone’s life miserable. But it just goes to show, you truly can’t please everyone, and when forming an identity around trying, the truest perspectives will be stolen from you.

Our ability to know the truth, will be stolen from us, when we create an identity based on people pleasing. [tweet that too]

3. Building a team.

This was the most amazing takeaway for me and one that I know just about everyone can benefit from. Everything in life worth doing well, that makes a difference or creates change involves a team. So learning how to attract and recruit, building that team, are necessary skills that we all need to sharpen if we are to Create the Awesome. So imagine a large group of people, speaking different languages. Some are speaking French, some Arabic, some Spanish, and even some Farsi. None are speaking english. That was my team in Morocco! Luckily for me, I understand and speak enough French and Spanish to get by, but honestly the key to success was learning a few Arabic phrases. That showed my team I was willing to get to their level and work with them, not just order them around. By the end of the week, we were like a giant family, laughing and thoroughly enjoying one another. Learning how to take a group of people, all with different skill sets, different passions and interests and unite them under a single purpose is one of the single greatest characteristics of a leader. I was honored and proud to experience that this past week!

Awesome happens when a leader builds and unites a team under a common purpose. [To be Awesome, tweet that!]


Although I have traveled and worked in just about every continent and country on the planet, this experience from Marrakech, Morocco tested and challenged me in ways, I truly count as blessings!

Have you ever had an experience that challenged you, but looking back on it, you consider it a blessing?

Leave a comment below!

Posted on: June 3, 2013

3 Things Great Leaders Teach Us About Reframing Your Vision

Written by Josh Collins. Posted in Leadership

Studying and learning from great leaders, past or present, has become a hobby of mine over the years. Mostly because I love history and I love culture. But I love asking the hard questions too and engaging the places of life most simply choose to ignore.

One of those hard questions I have been asking for years is, “what separates those who do great things from those who do not?”

Photo Credit: e-strategyblog.com via Compfight cc

They are constantly reframing their vision to overcome fear and doubt.The picture above is a great example of someone, who despite the odds, despite fear and opposition, at some point made a choice to use his voice and make a difference. Whether it is Martin Luther King Jr. or Bono, or even the local pastor, they all have one thing in common.

Here are 3 things that great leaders like these can teach you about reframing your vision.

1. Doing great work that matters takes time. If you think about any great building or monument, they don’t get built overnight. Of course character and reputation don’t get built overnight either. The same holds true for the great work you dream of doing. Reframing your vision to understand that any great work truly worth doing will indeed involve the investment of time.

2. Making a difference will always invite critics. This has been witnessed over and over throughout the course of history. It never fails that when you name yourself and name your intentions to do something great, up pops every critic and intimidator seeking to keep you from accomplishing your goals. Reframing these obstacles will be the key to success. Critics’ math by Jon Acuff is a helpful tool.

3. Remaining clear about your purpose is quintessential. Success, fame, and the allure of celebrity will always try to pull you away from your truer purpose. That’s why the get rich quick scheme will always be around. But for you to get to where you want to go, you have to constantly reframe and remain clear about your purpose. Jeff Goins makes this case pretty clear when he talks about writers who write only to get published or noticed instead of just writing because that’s what writers do.

What things have you learned from great leaders, past and present, as you pursue work that matters?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

I’m excited today because this is the last post on this site. Monday I launch the BRAND NEW thejoshcollins [dot] com and will be releasing my first eBook “The Awesome Manifesto!” You will be able to purchase it on Amazon for a whopping $1.99 but I’d rather give it away to you for free for simply subscribing to my newsletter.

There honestly isn’t much point for a communicator like myself to be in a conversation alone, so I’d love to hear from you and get to know your story too!

Posted on: April 26, 2013

I Hear Voices, But I’m Not Schizophrenic

Written by Josh Collins. Posted in Community, Experience

I hear voices and no I’m not schizophrenic. Most of the time these voices say pretty mean things. They usually end up persuading me away from whatever I’ve set my mind up to do or a goal I’m trying to accomplish.

They say things like, “You’re not good enough to do this,” or “look at those guys over there, they have it figured out, you’ll never get to a place where you have it figured out.” One of my loudest and most powerful voices, is the one that says “You’re not loved or accepted.”

There is a simple tool I’ve learned and am constantly reminded to use over and over again to defeat these voices. Let me share it with you now:

I Am Not Alone!


And neither are you.

The other day there was a new tool created to help in this fight to overcome the voices that apparently we all battle. Click on the image above and you’ll be magically transported there.

What a powerful experience to read through all the voices that you and I hear and listen to. Tears were brought to my eyes as I read them and clicked the “Me Too” button to the ones I recognized. Which brings me to a really awesome thing I’ve discovered in my life.

There is powerful healing found in community. [tweet that if you like]

This morning I was reading in Joshua 7 and was struck with something that just made me laugh out loud. Now this might come across as silly but that’s ok.

But the Lord said to Joshua, “Get up! Why are you lying on your face like this?

Let me give some context.

Joshua was on his face crying out because they had just lost a battle. He was wrecked after having this awesome experience of crossing the Jordan river and then defeating the great city of Jericho, only to lose in what appeared to be a less significant battle to a much smaller, inferior enemy.

But I love God’s response here. He’s like “What are you doing? Get up, stop believing that the world is coming to an end, and that I’ve forgotten you or have left you out in the cold. Stop being ridiculous!”

The funny thing is, isn’t that the way we treat God, by listening to all these voices, making agreements with them?

Maybe, there is something in that for you and I today as we walk into our meetings, making plans for that next thing.

Question for you:

How has listening to these voices crippled you in your story? What are they stopping you from accomplishing?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Posted on: April 12, 2013

These Are The Facts: I Will Get Better

Written by Josh Collins. Posted in Experience

The facts are I can have you eating out of the palm of my hand, with the stories from a life spent traveling around the world, creating awesome experiences.  Stories that will simply and utterly amaze you, and probably shock you at the same time.

And while I would love for that to immediately gain your attention and respect, the truth is it doesn’t and rightfully so.

Because, if we are going to just talk about creating awesome experiences or telling stories, then I’m your expert.  I’ve been doing that for years and years and years and have rubbed elbows with some of the most incredible entertainers, artists and influencers around, but in this medium, in this arena, I’m a rookie and I’m hustling as fast as I can like I’m in my 20’s again. (Thanks to Jon Acuff for that last line.)

That’s just the simple truth.

And I’m ok with that, because I will get better.


Photo Credit: geoftheref via Compfight cc

I’m excited to be a part of the launch team for Jon Acuff’s newest book, Start, and having read it already, let me just issue you a warning and offer you some wisdom. If you wait and don’t get it now, then most likely that dream or vision, that hidden purpose that keeps you up at night, is going to continue to stay hidden and on the shelf for a long time. But Wisdom is crying out on the street corner begging you to come and take action.

To Start!

So here’s a link to help you on your way.

Do me a favor at least click on it cause it would be great to win a cool prize. At least for me, that is, but there’s a ton of great free stuff you can still get if you pre-order.

But seriously though, I’ve got a lot to learn.  The cool thing is I am ok with that.  I’m actually more than ok, because that’s one voice of fear I’ve successfully punched in the face.

So stick with me, cause I promise I will get better, much much better.

Having said that, I’m super excited to announce that there are big things  planned in the weeks ahead! I’ve been working diligently for months on the launch of a new website and eBook and can’t wait to reveal it to you guys! I know you’re going to love it!

The most excited part for me is that, although this has been a very long journey and something I’ve actually been working towards for years now, I’m beyond elated to see it coming into view!

Here’s how you can help:

In the comments below, share what awesome things you are working on and why you are excited about them!

Posted on: April 5, 2013

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