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Worship Wednesday: I AM WITH YOU!

Written by Josh Collins. Posted in Worship Wednesday

From Josh: I’m excited today not only because Worship Wednesday has a new permanent home but because today’s post is from someone who has meant a great deal to me over the years. Have you ever known someone who just seems to constantly and consistently point to the truth? No matter what sort of chaos seems to distract and disturb, Eric Hill, is one of those guys who you can rely on to show you what unconditional love looks like and sounds like. He doesn’t just write about it, or preach about it, he lives it! Eric lives outside of Atlanta with his wife Kristen and 3 daughters. You should follow him on Twitter and Facebook.



In Exodus chapter three, God reveals Himself to Moses and speaks to him through a burning bush. He tells Moses that He has seen the misery of the Israelites and has chosen Moses to go before the Pharaoh and deliver them out of Egypt. Moses, feeling overwhelmingly inadequate and incompetent asks, “Who am I, that I should go?” We might think God would give Moses a pep talk here, reminding him of his innate wisdom or natural leadership, but God reassures Moses with a life-breathing, game-changing phrase.

“I will be with you.”

I don’t always ‘feel’ like God is with me.  If I’m really honest, I want signs and wonders.  I want physical proof of His presence.  I want a burning bush too!

The excerpt below (taken from the book ‘Real Church’ by Dr. Larry Crabb) challenges my ‘burning bush syndrome’ to the core.

After he had open-heart surgery that led to two long weeks of life threatening complications and kept him in the hospital, I was driving him home to recuperate.  From the backseat, my 79-year-old father, lying down as best he could, broke a sober silence by quietly saying, “You know, I had many visitors during my difficult hospital stay, and I appreciated every one.  But the one visitor I most wanted to come never showed up.”
Who? I asked with real curiosity.
“God,” he answered.  “I prayed every day that I would feel His presence and I never did.  And I’m so grateful.”
Why?  I blurted out, this time with wild curiosity.
“God counted me worthy to trust what He said in His Word in the absence of His felt presence in my experience.  And His Spirit empowered me to do just that, not without struggle of course.  But I never turned away from Him.  I think that made Him really happy.”
I remember wondering, Who is this man that I’ve called Dad for half a century?  What planet does he live on?  I wanted to go there.  I still do.

“God counted me worthy to trust what He said in His Word in the absence of His felt presence in my experience…”

Wow!  Talk about nailing it.

I will be with you.”

God’s answer really wasn’t about Moses or how well Moses was expected to perform, produce, or even lead.

So it is with us as well.

His answer was then, is now, and always will be, “I will be with you.”

Itʼs first, and foremost, a matter of who you are, because He is with you. The “what, when, where, and how” will follow, if we embrace this truth.

What do you think? What does this mean to you to know that in-spite of your feelings and felt presence God, He emphatically says “I will be with you.” How does this change everything?

Share in the comments below.

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  • http://www.tinselandtwinesale.com/ Mary Collins

    I love this! What a beautiful reminder for me to remember today!

Posted on: May 1, 2013

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